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Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day- My Mom

Just a quick Memorial Day remembrance and reflection. My mom passed away in 1986 while I was still in Vet School. She didn't live to see me graduate, and I know that would have been a really proud day for her. After all she'd done for me, I would've liked to have given her that day. Almost 25 years later, the acute pain of losing her is long gone, but there is still a dull ache that flares up intermittantly. My dad came to visit this weekend, and I feel lucky to still have him. We all (especially my dad) thought Mom would outlive him, but I'm happy to say he seems as healthy as ever. I guess the moral for me is: Live for today as much as possible. Enjoy the many wonders and blessings of this world, while preparing for the future. For life can be short, so don't miss your opportunities to take what is there for us. But life can also be enduring, so make sure today's actions don't ruin your chance at tomorrow's opportunities.

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