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Friday, August 27, 2010

And The World Keeps Turning

My loss is the pet community's gain, at least at some point in the future. We just sent one of our brightest young "stars" (ok, she was a vet tech, not a movie star) off to Vet School. I met Casie several years ago when she was a college student with a desire to someday be a DVM. She worked as a volunteer at our practice in order to get some experience and improve her chances of being accepted some day into the U of I veterinary program. After an initial failed attempt to get in last year (hey, there's a lot of competition for those spots), she came back to work for us as a tech. She was outstanding! Fastest learner I've ever met. Clients loved her, staff loved her, doctors loved her. So it was definitely with mixed emotions that we received the news that she'd been accepted to vet school. We're ecstatic for her, but definitely sorry for our loss. She will be a heckuva DVM in four years.

It's not like we haven't been through this before though. Casie's just the latest we've sent on to the University. Lindsay is now in her fourth year of vet school and will be an incredible veterinarian as well. She's actually going to come back to our clinic to do a two-week rotation in December. She's supposed to be learning from us, but I'm excited about what new techniques and information she'll have to share. A few years before Lindsay was Erin, who spent a lot of her pre-vet and intra-vet(?) time at Horseshoe Lake Animal Hospital. She graduated number-one in her vet school class. We all puffed out our chests a little bit over that.

There are now a couple other young guns at our clinic who aspire to become veterinarians, and I hope they make it too. We have promoted a bright young lady (Amy) to take Casie's spot, and have hired a new tech named Theresa who has a resume full of accolades and accomplishments. The world keeps turning, and it's exciting to meet new people who are smart and energetic. It's also bittersweet to watch some of "our own" move on to fulfill their potential. Good luck to all; who knows, maybe someday one or more of you will be OUR doctors!

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