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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Things This Veterinarian Is Thankful For

Chemotherapy for dogs (& cats, although I've never done a cat)

Fantastic flea products, so I don't have to send home grocery bags of spray, bombs, and treatment schedules

Humane organizations, who are so compassionate and giving of their time and energy- I am humbled to get to help these wonderful people help pets

Surgical lasers: less bleeding, less pain

Digital Xray systems -- I remember when we used to take Xrays, then go into the darkroom to dip them in developer, then hang them up to dry. It would take about 10-15 minutes per film, and if they were bad, we'd have to repeat the whole process. Now? 60 seconds per film, and digitally manipulate it if it's under- or over-exposed

Animal emergency clinics -- no more trips to the clinic at 2:00AM for me!

My hospital team -- compassionate, dedicated, talented

Wet tongues and wagging tails

Cerenia: the Parvo puppy's best friend

Convenia: no more antibiotic pills for sick cats. One shot, and we're good for two weeks!

Black & white cats -- my favorites!

Pet insurance

Care Credit

A really understanding wife and kids who were willing to share a BIG part of me these past 24 years

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

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